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German auto repair Lawrenceburg Indiana, bmw repair in Lawrenceburg,

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Factory Maintenace

Factory specified maintenance schedules for all vehicles 

Testing and repair of engine concerns including warning lights and drivability 

Analysis and repair of steering, suspension, brakes and drive train 

Factory software updates and coding for most vehicles 

Courtesy safety inspections on all vehicles 

Pre-purchase vehicle inspections 

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With advanced – and ongoing – training and development, our team of diagnostic technicians have the skill, know-how, and understanding to ensure your German car continues to run at its peak performance. With the latest tools and factory training, we are able to provide world class diagnostics without the dealership price.  

Vehicle Inspection

At every service, our complimentary Multi-Point Inspection provides a comprehensive assessment of your vehicle. As we review the inspection checklist with you, color codes indicate which systems and components are good (green), which need attention soon (yellow), and which need attention now (red). These complimentary inspections help you understand the condition of your car as your vehicle ages. We provide multiple services according to your manufacture and recommend that they be followed for longevity and worry-free use of your automobile.  


Performance Upgrades

As sensitive as cars can be, just adding a tune and driving off can be catastrophic. Not only to the engine, but to the longevity and reliability of the car. We only recommend a few know companies that we trust and have a relationship with so that you get the performance you are looking for while maintaining the reliability of the car.  

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